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Error codes

Learn more about common error codes and how to resolve them.

Flux uses HTTP responses status codes to indicate the success or failure of your API requests. If your request fails, Flux returns an error using the appropate status code.

In general, there are three status ranges you can expect:

  • 2xx success status codes confirm that your request worked as expected
  • 4xx error status codes indicate an error because of the information provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted)
  • 5xx error status are rare and indicate an error with Flux's server or our wallet's services

Some 4xx errors that could be handled programmatically (e.g., a wallet is declined) include an error code—a short string with a brief explanation—as a value for code. Below is a list of possible error convenience.


ERR_QR_UNKNOWNQR is unrecognized by Flux.
ERR_QR_DISABLEDQR is currently disabled.
ERR_QR_EXPIREDQR is expired. You can ask to customer for generated a new one and try again.
ERR_QR_MALFORMEDQR is malformed. You can ask to customer for generated a new one and try again.
ERR_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEThis payment method don't have enough balance to perform the payment.
ERR_BANK_REFUSALTransaction rejected for the bank.
ERR_ISSUER_ACCOUNT_VIOLATIONCustomer's account have a problem on Issuer.
ERR_FORBIDDEN_COMMERCEThis payment method is not valid for this commerce.
ERR_MAX_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDYou are trying to perform a payment with amount above maximum allow it.
ERR_MIN_AMOUNT_SUBCEEDYou are trying to perform a payment with amount below minimum allow it.
ERR_REFERENCE_ALREADY_EXISTSYou are trying to send a payment request with a reference already used.
ERR_BAD_REQUESTBad Request. Some parameter is missing or incorrect, please verify your request.
ERR_UNAUTHORIZEDUnauthorized. Your access token is expired or missing, please authenticate again and try again.
ERR_FORBIDDENForbidden. Your user doesn't have privileges to perform this action.
ERR_NOT_FOUNDNot Found. The resource was not found.

Server errors

ERR_NETWORK_TIMEOUTA timeout has occurred
ERR_SERVERInternal Server Error